Reportage winner of The Other Hundred. Educators project
and published in the photo-book

Javier Santana is president of Hispania Romana, an Spanish national re-enactment association around the Roman Empire world. Javier leads this association in order to develop an important pedagogic work studying and reconstructing the Roman way of life. The association was created in 2000 and brings together several group of re-enactors of civil and military life. The members of this association performs gladiators, senators, soldiers, matrons, even prostitutes, in different festival around Spain and Europe, as well as in archaeological sites and schools, in order to disseminate the relevance of this heritage. For this, Javier and other members give also lectures at schools and research centers. In this regard, Javier is the main coordinator of the “ITALICA VIVA Re-enactment Days” at the Archaeological Ensemble of Italica (Santiponce, Spain), located in the hometown of Emperors Trajan and Hadrian. There, during two days, the ancient roman city of Italica is populated by more than 150 performers, from all Spain. They develop a large number of workshops introducing to audience about daily life and customs during Roman period, and usually Javier gives the lecture of several of them. “ITALICA VIVA Re-enactment Days” is the most important re-enactment event in the South of Spain, gathering more than 9.900 visitors in 2015 edition.

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